Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So as you can all see I hardly get on here and post new info. I'm going to try to get better by at least getting on once a month. Then will work for more. Just a quick little update as to what has gone on since my last tid bit. Work has kept me on my toes. In the last month I have had two employees quit!!! It makes me won't to pull my hair out. I guess I was just raised differently cuz both of them just called and said they weren't coming in. I always thought how nice that would be, but seriously what kind of impression does that leave if you ever need to work for that company again. The staff that is still there has been great if it weren't for them and Trate I would seriously be in a crazy place right now. Trate just keeps busy with work and his fun hobbies.

2nd of July-- 1st Employee quit!!!
4th of July-- we BBQ at his sisters house in payson then went to our friends house to do fireworks and hanging out.
23rd of July-- This day was awesome for me. I got tickets to go with one of my friends to the Kenny Chesney concert. It was great. I was so excited to leave work early especially with everything that has been going on!! I met up with Talia and the rest of her friends by Cabelas then it was off to party and have fun with just the girls. Oh and was it fun!!! We barely sat in our seats which is a good thing we didn't pay alot for them. We met up with some of our guys friends John and Sam and pretty much partied around with them. It was great to know some guys that we could just have fun with and they weren't trying to hit on us since we both have boy friends. We got back to Spanish Fork then headed to find our boys and hung out together for like an hour more than we left cuz we were exhausted too much sun exposure i'm thinkin.
24th of July-- we started with the parade, then lunch with some friends. Then we came home and relaxed because it was so stinkin hot. Then it was off to another BBQ at a friends house and to light the awesome firworks that trate had got. We did have the cops called on us which wasn't very good since it was our friends, but we complyed with the cop which was great and didn't touch fireworks again that night. After all of that we went to another friends house to watch the Spanish Fork firework display. All in all it was a good night!
29th of July-- 2nd Employee quit!!!!!!

Well I think that is all that has really happened since I last wrote on here. I will try to put up more soon and maybe get some pictures.


  1. Yes-get some pictures up and maybe another post or two! I've been more diligent lately in my blogging but much less so than others. Life is busy! I didn't see a recap of the multifamily BBQ I missed. What's up with that?!?

  2. I think I forgot about that! See how life just passes me by I'll add that in there. How was Georgis? As good as it could have been given the circumstances?