Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So as you can all see I hardly get on here and post new info. I'm going to try to get better by at least getting on once a month. Then will work for more. Just a quick little update as to what has gone on since my last tid bit. Work has kept me on my toes. In the last month I have had two employees quit!!! It makes me won't to pull my hair out. I guess I was just raised differently cuz both of them just called and said they weren't coming in. I always thought how nice that would be, but seriously what kind of impression does that leave if you ever need to work for that company again. The staff that is still there has been great if it weren't for them and Trate I would seriously be in a crazy place right now. Trate just keeps busy with work and his fun hobbies.

2nd of July-- 1st Employee quit!!!
4th of July-- we BBQ at his sisters house in payson then went to our friends house to do fireworks and hanging out.
23rd of July-- This day was awesome for me. I got tickets to go with one of my friends to the Kenny Chesney concert. It was great. I was so excited to leave work early especially with everything that has been going on!! I met up with Talia and the rest of her friends by Cabelas then it was off to party and have fun with just the girls. Oh and was it fun!!! We barely sat in our seats which is a good thing we didn't pay alot for them. We met up with some of our guys friends John and Sam and pretty much partied around with them. It was great to know some guys that we could just have fun with and they weren't trying to hit on us since we both have boy friends. We got back to Spanish Fork then headed to find our boys and hung out together for like an hour more than we left cuz we were exhausted too much sun exposure i'm thinkin.
24th of July-- we started with the parade, then lunch with some friends. Then we came home and relaxed because it was so stinkin hot. Then it was off to another BBQ at a friends house and to light the awesome firworks that trate had got. We did have the cops called on us which wasn't very good since it was our friends, but we complyed with the cop which was great and didn't touch fireworks again that night. After all of that we went to another friends house to watch the Spanish Fork firework display. All in all it was a good night!
29th of July-- 2nd Employee quit!!!!!!

Well I think that is all that has really happened since I last wrote on here. I will try to put up more soon and maybe get some pictures.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Well I just wanted to say thank-you to all the wonderful men that have played apart in my life. There are so many I can't even name them all. There are a couple that I want to publicly thank. First my dad!!!! I love you more than words can even explain. I still wonder every day though how different my life would be if you were still here with me. I know that you would be so proud of all of us. We have all had some rocky times but we know that you are watching over us to make sure that we are being taken care of. I love you dad and I hope that I have made you a proud father. This is were Vic comes in he has done an amazing job helping us kids grow and learn. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and I love him so much and I am so proud to call him my dad as well. I also want to thank my Grandpa Lovelis, he has been such a supportive grandfather and always is there to help me when I have my stuggles. Like I said there are many more but these 3 have done so much to help me be where I am today that I want everyone to know how much I love and appreciate them.

Monday, May 18, 2009


So this last weekend me, trate, josh, tina, beau and ashley went to wendover to see the STAIND concert. We left saturday around noon so that the boys (trate and josh) could get out there early enough to do some sweet rc crawlin. Me and Tina think they are just nerds but whatever. They dropped us off at the casino so we could check in and take our stuff to the rooms while they went and played there little hobby. Jimmy one of our friends came out the night before just to hang. He wasn't going to the concert with us but he wanted to come and party with us before we went. The guys got back we got ready, ate dinner, and then it was off to the concert hall!!!! We had some pretty good seats right behind the sound booth. Josh sent tina to see if she could get the play list and they said she could after the last song. She was pretty excited. She loves Aaron Lewis. Through-out the whole concert Josh was pretty much standing and the guys behind were starting to get annoyed I think because it was the very end of the concert the band had all left and the crowd was still going crazy. Then Aaron Lewis comes walking back out on the stage. He told everyone to be quiet so he could play one ast song. Then he unplugged his mic and guitar. It was the best song all night I think. but everyine pretty much sat down but josh. The guy behind kept saying just sit down man. Then next thing I know they are oulling on his shirt. I thought they were going to fight for sure. Good thing Tina was there, she asked josh to please sit down and he did. Right after the song they shook hands and everythings was okay again. Stupid guys!!! Needles to say it was a great little get away and I did spend a penny on gambling. As soon as I get pictures from josh and tina i will post some I seem to never remember my camera anymore. Oh and they got to meet aaron lewis afterwards.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Remington

Today has been the longest day ever I think. We got word from Beckie (trates mom) when we were heading to dinner last night around 7 that katelyn went to the hospital with contractions. I immediatley got excited. Its only been a year since my family had a little one but i wasn't able to be down there. So we ate dinner with all of our friends then came back to spanish fork. Trate went to our friends and i stayed home cuz i was just waiting for a text or phone call saying she was in labor. Trate didn't stay at our friends very long (I think he was even more excited than me but just didn't want to say anything) he came home and just blopped on the couch. He and I were both texting beckie trying to figure out what was going on. Finally he said forget it lets go over. I jumped up and said okay lets go. We got there at about 11pm and just chilled. On a side note before we even left our house trates older brother beau and his girlfriend text us and said they were on there way cuz they were taking dave food. When we got there they hadn't showed yet. I was confused but oh well. We waited with dave for them so we could let them in the doors since they were locked. Dave was talking to beau telling him to go to the entrance close to the Emergency entrance. Beau said I'm standing right in front and thats when dave asked what hospital are you at? Beau and ashley drove all they way to the provo one. It was pretty funny to all of us. Katelyn had her epideral already which apparently was very good cuz she wasn't very happy before. We sat in the room and talked and watched american pie. There were some parts that Beckie really got into. We realized that katelyn was dozing off so we decided to leave when we left she was dialated to a 6 so I just told beckie to let us know when anything changes. We came home and crashed about 1:30ish. At 2am i get a text saying she is dialated to a ten. From know until she has him I don't know that much except my phone was vibrating none stop between beckie and ashley. It was crazy. We didn't get up and go over which i guess was a blessing in disguise because the people that were there are still exhausted. Once we heard she had him @ 4:54 am i think trate and i were both wide awake. Trate got in the showere and was ready to go when I got a text from beckie saying that they were all going to go home cuz they were wiped out. So we decide to try to get some rest and go in the morning. We got up around 8 and were at the hospital by 9 where we spent most of the day. He is the cutest little guy who had quite a rough entrance to this life. As soon as I get some pictures I will put them up but we are so happy for Dave, Katelyn, and baby Remington. We love them and I know he is going to get all the attention he needs between his grandparents, aunts, and uncles this kid is going to be spoiled. All in all it was a wonderful way to start the month of May.

Sadly I did miss my big brothers graduation and my nephews birthday party in Cedar City. Hope the family had fun down there and my sister will photo shop my pictures in. ha ha ha. Well its been a long day and I still have a long fun week ahead of me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

So here it goes!!!

So my family has been getting on my case to get a blog forever and even some of my friends. Well I fianlly cracked! Now you can keep up with trate and i and see where life has taken us. We always have the time of our lives together and now i will be able to let you all know since most people only hear from me every once in awhile.